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How to wear Bchu Metaverse and digital fashion

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How to choose your picture

  • An ideal picture should consist of form fitting clothing and minimal clothing such as swimsuits.
  • Ideally, less background (studio shot) with the good light. No night or dawn photo the darker it is, The less real your digital clothes will look.
  • Areas of the body that show exposed skin should not be covered by other garments in the initial pictures.
  • Preferably, no long sleeves. Preferably, slim fit clothes or bathing suite in the initial picture, nothing baggy.
  • Preferably, full-length portrait, but it can be cropped.
  • Use a photo with good light - your body and face should be In focus, no contra light.
  • In the photo, parts of the body that are supposed to be covered in clothing should not be obstructed by baggy clothing, hair or any other objects. This can create an unnatural look for digital garments.
  • Please select a photo where obstruction like hair are not covering the clothing, ex: ponytail.
  • Please avoid images with the strong shadows.